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Is it a good time to invest in property?

The Answer is Yes!

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) recently released their report, PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey 2019.

It found that 82% of the 1,200 investors surveyed believed now is a great time to purchase an investment property.

Click this link to get a full copy of the report:

Or keep reading below for a summary.

Where Should I Get Advice From?

It is encouraging that 61% of respondents are, or would seek advice from a qualified professional. These investors have the best chance of making the right decision in terms of having clear investment goals, implementing a planned strategy and buying properties that align with that strategy.

On the other hand, 11% will seek advice from family or friends… which can often end in disaster! Although well meaning, family or friends can unwittingly provide unqualified advice that is not backed by evidence or thorough research – and ‘research’ is not just looking at pictures on real estate websites or buying investment properties in your own suburb because you know the area!

Where Will People Invest?

It comes as no surprise that Brisbane and South East Queensland are leading the charge on where investors would purchase a property.

A number of factors are currently at play, which indicates this region is set to experience growth.  These include a number of high-level infrastructure projects being undertaken, increased internal net migration of population (i.e. people leaving the other Australian States and relocating to this region, which creates demand for housing), as well as weather, lifestyle and affordability considerations.

PIPA Chair, Peter Koulizos says “Borderless investing is also popular, with 45 per cent of investors looking to buy outside the state that they live in.  While Brisbane is once more the preferred capital city for investment among respondents, there has been a dramatic rebound in Sydney’s appeal among investors – rising from nine per cent in 2018 to 14 per cent in 2019.”

Melbourne is a bit of a surprise package, however, it has been touted to eventually overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest populated city.

Education Considerations

We 100% agree! Anyone operating as a property investment specialist should hold minimum standards of education and adhere to industry recognised Codes of Ethical Conduct.

Did you know that the property investment industry is not actually regulated when it comes to the provision of advice?  It, therefore, attracts a number of property spruikers and cowboys. This creates a huge risk of you receiving unqualified, unethical and biased information that has the potential to lose you thousands of dollars.

Make sure you are dealing with a QPIA – that is, a Qualified Property Investment Advisor who is accredited and member of PIPA, an Accredited ASPIRE Property Network Advisor who licensed and Professionally insured. Look for the below when dealing with a property advisor –

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